Thanksgiving, Family & Full Bellies

We started out Thanksgiving Day at Colorado Steakhouse with the Jones’ family. That was a great idea! No cooking, no cleaning and yet a delicious meal.

After we all ate, we drove to Nana’s. While sitting at a stop light with us all in a row, I began laughing cause it looked like we were in a funeral procession.

When we got to Nana’s, Little Bobbie came over with the girls so Josie got to spend some time with Sophia and Maddie. She even held Maddie and let me take a photo.

 photo 20131128-IMG_7005_zpsf25805ed.jpg

Then of course we had to take pictures of all the girls.

 photo 20131128-IMG_6997_zpsbb1fdafc.jpg  photo 20131128-IMG_7001_zps8b40d25f.jpg

After hanging out a while there, we headed to my parents for the Richardson side of Thanksgiving. We had everyone except Uncle David. The kids always have a great time together.

And Josie always finds the desserts.

 photo 20131128-IMG_7006_zpsd8b1afef.jpg  photo 6120-sig.png

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