Little Fish ~ Bloomington, Indiana Child Photographer

My daughter, she is a fish! She loves the water. And therefore, we take swimming lessons every year. It amazes me how 8 days of one hour each can make such a difference.

This year she learned how to do the breast stroke, the frog swim and swim in the deep pool! She was so excited when she got to get in the big deep pool all by herself. She even got to go off the diving board a few times during this class and now all she wants to do is go to a pool with a diving board. Even asking me one night when I pulled in the driveway from work. She met me at the truck and asked if we could go to a pool with a diving board that night. She’ll be so excited when we get our big pool next year so she can jump off the deck into the pool. I’m sure I will get annoyed with all the splashing! I hate to be splashed!!! But I do remember doing that and the feeling was just so awesome! Jumping in the air and landing with the biggest splash you can make, that’s what summer is all about!

Swimming IU Pool Breast Stroke Deep Pool

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