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This beautiful family, what can I say? They have been my biggest supporter’s and I love them dearly. The girls are all such dolls, feisty, spunky and lovable all in one. They are all three so different in their personalities. We have to work around Daddy’s deer hunting and fishing schedule, but the outcome is always so worth it. He is so good with the girls, teasing them and making them laugh.

Momma, is such a wonderful person. She has such patience with the girls when her hands are so full. I couldn’t imagine having three little girls to raise. (One is enough with all the girl drama in my household.) I tell her all the time that I am going to take her shopping with me so she can be my fashion consultant. She is always so put together and always has the girls all done up. Daddy is most definitely going to have his hands full once teenage years hit.

They have such strong love for their family and their daughters, and it most definitely shows. These three little girls are so lucky to have some great parents. They are just simply one awesome family!

We met down the road one weeknight evening on a trail that the farmers use to get to their crops. We couldn’t have planned a better night. The fall colors were gorgeous, the weather was perfect, laughter filled the air. And a precious memory frozen in time for them to enjoy!

Beautiful Family of Five Fall Portrait
Dad and his three girls
Mom and her three girls
Husband and Wife Portrait
Three Beautiful Girls

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