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Well we finally got our snow! At least snow that you can sled in. We unfortunately have had it for a while but it was so darn cold out, I wasn’t about to go out and play in it. This Sunday, the temps were great to go out and play in. Cold enough that we needed our overalls but warm enough that you weren’t freezing. The only problem we had was that it was so darn deep!!! Took several trips of Mom going down to make the path for Josie to follow.
Bloomington Indiana Child Photographer Girl in Snow
Oh, I remember the days well of having to walk back up the hill after the thrill of going down. And this is exactly how I felt too little girl!
Winter and Sledding
But that trip down is so worth it!
Sledding down hill
Oh yes she did! The little terd threw a snowball at Mommy when I had my back turned. Luckily her aim isn’t all that great yet.
Snowball Fight Bloomington Indiana
After going in to warm up with some hot chocolate and warm cinnamon donuts, Daddy finally got home and got the 4 wheeler out. Uncle Nathan and Aunt Emily had came over to join us. Josie wasn’t so sure about the 4 wheeler deal, so I had to go first to show her what we were talking about. After one trip around she was ready and willing!
4-wheeler and snow Daddy & Daughter
And of course the funnest part was falling off, even when she wasn’t going fast enough that she would have been thrown off. She just wanted to lay in the snow.
Child Photographer, Bloomington Indiana
Uncle Nathan couldn’t resist the fun of the 4 wheeler and took his turn driving Aunt Emily and Josie around.
Family Winter Memories
It was a great Sunday evening spent playing with family in the snow! We made some wonderful memories and the snow can go away now! Lol
I was editing all of these photos and noticed I had kind of taken a sequence of Josie going down the hill, so I had to experiment. Of course I wish they were a little more spread apart, but still fun and pretty cool!
Photoshop Montage

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