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Busy Saturday

The fireworks last night were spectacular. They lasted for almost about an hour. At the very end they set off some big boomers and you literally could feel the heat. It was awesome. Riley, Nathan Garrett & Kayla enjoyed them too. Kayla kept squealing with them but she never once cried. She was the perfect… Read more »


Last night I was just not in the mood to do much of anything. I messed in the house until Mike got home and then I went out to feed the dogs. Levi was in the dog house and wouldn’t come out. I noticed some of the food from the night before was still on… Read more »

Project Plans

Today I went to Hobby Lobby at lunch because Michelle was at the lake with the kids. I thought for sure that I had spent over $60 and to my surprise my total was only $35. I got me two pictures frames- one for my bits & pieces print of Kayla and one for a… Read more »

Stormy Day

I finally got ahold of Michael’s and got their class schedule yesterday. And of course their classes are on Tuesday for the month of July. I knew that was going to happen. I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to take them. I really don’t want to wait until August to do it. Their… Read more »

Weekend’s Over!

Friday evening we went to the races. Mikey finished 1st in his heat and 8th in the feature. His car is doing really good this year. He’s having some carburetor problems and they are going to work on that.Saturday we got rained out so we went to Rural King to buy some bug spray. We… Read more »


This is my first post on a blog. I don’t quite understand the concept but I have been checking a few out lately and thought I might as well try it.I’ve been working all day on a new paper pack for I’ve just started selling my items on there and am so excited to… Read more »