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Mommy’s Little Kermit

Josie decided one week before Halloween that she didn’t want to be Belle again. She wanted to be Kermit. So the great Mommy that I am, I was on the hunt for a Kermit costume. This was the only one I could find but she loved it. It was pretty darn cute, even though I… Read more »


Marlin PTO also paid to send the kids to Wonderlab. So once again, I chaperoned. I don’t think I’ll do that one again though! It was crazy hectic. They just need to lock the doors and keep the kids in. I had a total of three kids to keep watch of, one of them being… Read more »

Peden Farm

Josie’s school went to Peden Farm. I took off and went as a chaperone. That was the most awesome experience! They had all kinds of things for the kids and they had a lot of fun. I hadn’t been there since I was in school and in 4-H. I was in 4-H with the Peden… Read more »

Kids Were Here September 2013

I stumbled across a blog that was titled “Kids Were Here”. I thought, what a great concept, so I tried my own this month. That is when I remembered. I hope to remember to take more photos like this before they get cleaned up cause this is a Mommy that can’t stand it!