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Brown County Camping & a Big BOO-BOO

We finally took Josie camping somewhere other than our own backyard. She had an absolute ball and it was pretty great! A gentleman we met through some friends and then again through Mike’s racing career, has a nice place out in Brown County. It had a lake on it so we decided we would give… Read more »

Finally a 97%

Josie had her 5 year check up today and was 46 3/4″ tall and 56 lbs. 97 percentile for both. She is such a big girl and I am so proud to call her my daughter!

Candyland and Coloring

Home from school on this Wednesday, I was in the kitchen fixing supper, Josie was being really quiet and content. I turned around to find out what she was doing. I love the times that she occupies herself, looks comfortable and completely content being at home. Warms my heart! After supper, we got out Candyland… Read more »

Nathan’s Birthday and Silly, Silly Girls

We celebrated Nathan’s birthday tonight at Granny’s. Aunt Shirley and Uncle Butch came in and they joined us. Before it got to dark out I needed to take Josie’s 5 year old photos. I hadn’t done them yet and wanted to use Granny’s chair. I couldn’t get Josie to cooperate very well but I did get… Read more »


This was Josie’s first time experiencing a painting project. Daddy finally got her house done to the point that we could paint it and move it out. It will have siding on it at some point but we can’t decide what we want to put on it. So it’s this color for now! She did… Read more »

The Start of our First full week

Today is the start of our first full week of school. We’ll see how this is going to go! I’m still currently off on Monday’s, so I got to go to Michelle’s to get her on the bus and take photos. Today their normal bus was running late, so they had to get on another… Read more »

Ready for Kindergarten!

Well after a very frustrating week, we finally found out that Josie gets to go to school tomorrow. She should have started on Wednesday but because she was an early enrollment, they supposedly had to wait for the count to come in before she would be allowed to go. This was all fine and dandy… Read more »

The Big Day!

So today is the big number 5! She woke up so happy and ready to start her day. We let her open her presents before we left the house and then we took her to breakfast wherever she wanted to go. We were thinking she would want “The Red Barn” (Bob Evans) but NO, she… Read more »

Getting Ready for Princess Belle!

It’s that time again! Josie’s 5th birthday party. I can’t believe she is 5 already. Time is a ridiculous thing! I had a lot of help this year getting things ready for Josie’s party. Thank God that my family is always there to help when it’s needed or it would not have gotten done. Just… Read more »