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So Over

I’ll be glad when this season is over. I have to fight her to get ready to go to her games. She doesn’t want to put her uniform on, then the socks and then doesn’t want to wear the cleats. Then she doesn’t want to go at all! I never have to argue with her… Read more »

Fathers Day and Birthday Celebrations

Aunt Shirley and Uncle Butch came home this weekend. Uncle Butch had to take his bassoon to Indy to get it repaired. We haven’t seen him for several years. It was nice to get to just hang out with them. We all went to Granny’s to celebrate Father’s Day and my birthday. After dinner everyone… Read more »

Flu Season

My poor baby has gotten the flu! YUCK!!! Angalene had her on Friday and called me before lunch to tell me that Josie had fallen asleep on the couch. I told her she was probably getting sick. She then called me during my lunch hour and the poor thing was running a temperature. Then around… Read more »

French Lick & Baseball Tournament

We originally went down to French Lick to see Riley play in Paoli’s baseball tournament. We have had awful rains this year though and it ended up getting canceled. We already had our rooms reserved though so everyone decided to go on down. The kids had a great time in the pool.

Another Softball day!

I don’t know if this softball thing is going to stick or not. She’s not too keen on going to them, but once she’s there she seems to enjoy it. After it is over, she says she had fun. But I think this may not be her “thing.” She’s so stinking cute out there though,… Read more »

Play Date ~ Digital Scrapbook Page

I thought I would start sharing some scrapbook pages that I make. And the links to buy the products. I decided this month I would try to do Sweet Shoppe Designs May Challenge. This day the challenge was to use Pagemaps as a starting off point. This is what I came up with. List of… Read more »

Summer’s here

Celebrating the end of school and the start of summer, we spent our Monday running around. We went to the greenhouse and Josie picked out some flowers for home. Then we went to McDonald’s for lunch and played on the playground a little. We went to the shop to see Daddy. Went home and played… Read more »

Softball & Toads

I’m really liking my new IPhone. I have used it a lot for just some random photos. A random shot from softball practice. I think the bag is bigger than her. And the toad is still hanging out in the garage. Except this time we found him on the shelf that Daddy is painting for… Read more »