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Some Randomness

Thought I would share some random IPhone photos. Josie’s last day of preschool. 🙁 A toad that has been hanging around in the garage, decided to make the boat jack his home. Josie’s last day of school was a Luau party. Mommy stayed and helped out at the craft station. While they were off at… Read more »

My baby is gone

Where did my baby go? Josie has always laid on the rug in the bathroom for as long as I can remember. It started out as a way for me to be able to take a shower while I was the only one home and I wouldn’t have to worry about her. In the beginning,… Read more »

My Preschool Graduate

I can not believe the time is over! Where has this year gone? Tonight we had our end of year closing program. Josie was super excited. She even chose her own dress and I was thrilled when she showed me the one she wanted to wear. I had bought that for her back in January… Read more »

The Lighting is Back!

And this time we played at Cascades. The girls are really getting the hang of things. They aren’t just standing there anymore not knowing what to do. Even a few of them hit Coach pitches and didn’t have to hit off the tee. I just absolutely love watching her play softball! I handed the camera… Read more »

You look Beautiful

Mommy, you look so beautiful! That’s what she says to me after she has colored my eyelids a bright green & blue and put blue eyeshadow on my cheeks along with a bright pink blush! What does your daughter say to you when she puts makeup on you? Oh! And Happy Birthday to my Daddy!… Read more »

The House is on Fire

We were outside just hanging out and Josie was playing with a stick. All of a sudden, she screams “The House is on Fire”. So she took her stick and pointed it at the house and made water noises to put the fire out. By the time she was done, the dogs had been on… Read more »

Josie’s First Softball Game

Let me just start off by saying OH MY HOW FUN!!!! I knew I couldn’t wait for this day to come, but it was so fun watching your own child. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching Riley & Kayla as they were too funny to at this age. But when it’s your own, it… Read more »

Are we crazy?

Josie had her first sleepover. When we got to our house, immediately, the girls were on the instruments. You couldn’t even hear yourself think, but they were enjoying themselves. We had the drums, guitar, recorder and piano going. Our own little band! When Daddy got home, we took them to Macri’s to eat. Josie wanted… Read more »