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I’ll fix it!

Welcome to Josie’s garage! She goes to work with Mike sometimes and helps work on cars. Today she had out her screwdrivers working on her bike that she claimed was broke. She might grow up to be a mechanic! That would definatley make her Daddy proud. What does your child immitate that you or your… Read more »

Patience and Tolerance

That is what a Doberman has. I don’t understand the rap these dogs get. If you’ve ever been around one for more than an hour, you would know they are the most patient and tolerant dog. Poor Gertie, she gets yelled at, hit on, wallered on, drug around and put out of rooms when Josie… Read more »

First Year of Softball

The day is here! I have been waiting for Josie to be able to play softball. I am so excited and I really hope she likes it. Time will tell. Her coaches are a husband and wife team. They are IU students. She has Coach CC and Coach Kelly. They do really well with the… Read more »

BUGS Gymnastics Program

The girls had their gymnastics program this year at the new BUGS gymnasium. It was so much better than the year before. Not only was the place bigger and they split it up into two shows, but we actually got to see the girls do more than just a dance. It was really nice and… Read more »

Easter and our Helicopter Ride

Sunday morning Josie and I awoke and the Easter bunny had came! Daddy was fishing, so he wasn’t there to see it all. Josie was so excited for everything the Bunny brought her. She got a princess tshirt, some makeup, princess Build a Bear, and some American Girl stuff, just to name a few. After… Read more »

Saturday we went to Granny’s for Easter with her. Michelle and Nathan both had to be at their in laws on Sunday at lunch, so we moved Granny’s up. After we had our yummy supper all prepared by Granny, the kids dyed Easter eggs. We try to get together with all the kids so they… Read more »

Playdate at Work

Josie got to go over to Abby’s last Friday and spend the day with them. Her first ever play date all on her own. She did great! I told her that maybe Abby could come with us to work one day. So sure enough she came to work with us today. They had a great… Read more »

A Good Job for Mt Dew

The only thing I think Mt Dew is good for! A BB gun target! Can you tell I don’t care for Mt Dew? No in all seriousness, Daddy & Josie got the BB gun out and had target practice. This kid is pretty darn good, for not being able to really hold the gun herself…. Read more »

Tea Parties and Gummy Boogers

Josie wanted to hang out in the basement tonight. So we had a tea party and played in her room. Gertie wanted to join in on the fun, but Josie told her she couldn’t drink out of a tea cup so she had to watch. Daddy joined us when he got home and we had… Read more »