Shannon Jones Photography

Shannon came to my house to take pictures of my newborn, Maddie. I had never had a newborn session before, and I assumed (obviously, in a sleep-deprived state) that she would come in, snap a few quick pictures of my eternally beautiful daughter, then leave. Of course, children have different ideas! When Shannon arrived, Maddie was cranky and hungry. I fed her while Shannon set up in my daughter's bedroom. While I was busy with Maddie, Shannon entertained my oldest daughter, taking her picture, showing her the equipment, and being just the best babysitter anyone could ask for. After nursing, Maddie was still nowhere near napping, but I undressed her anyway, hoping that the soft, warm blankets Shannon had brought would lull her to sleep. Maddie promptly--ahem--*messed* all over herself and me, and Shannon took over wiping up the baby while I scoured the house for a new outfit. Though I was frazzled and emotional over things going "wrong," Shannon made me feel entirely at ease. She soothed Maddie--rubbing her back, keeping her warm, shushing her--and finally got her to sleep. She reassured me that, even so soon after childbirth, she would make me feel and look beautiful. She never acted impatient or annoyed, and just shrugged, saying that unexpected things were a part of her job. All told, Shannon spent well over two hours at my house, photographing my family. She was energetic for my two year old, gentle with my newborn, kind to me, and produced some truly gorgeous pictures! They fill my mantle, and even became my Christmas card! Her demeanor meant the world to me, and I would recommend her services to anyone, but especially families. She will make you feel at ease, and the results will show you the best version of you! Rachel Burke


Shannon's photographs are truly beautiful. She perfectly captures the moment you are looking for. With my daughter, the pictures showed her personality to a T! Excellent work! Andrea Nickless